Friday, May 20, 2005

New Words

Naveen has learned his new favorite word (other than "nooooo"). It is Mooolaaaan. Yup as in Mulan. He loves that movie, it's all he ever wants to watch. He also uses a variation of that word to refer to Mowgli, meaning he wants to watch Jungle Book. Try as we might to put something like Stuart Little on instead and he will have a hissy fit.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Getting older and wiser

Well - Sunil seems to be maturing quite a bit in the last 2 months. He has become a veritable little gentleman. He is really getting along alot better with his little brother. Naveen, on the other hand, has picked up some bad habits from some of the other pre-toddlers in his class.

There is a little boy named Cooper who likes to push and hit Naveen and in turn Naveen comes home and does the same to his big brother. The boys will have their grammie and grampa come and stay with them while we take a trip back to San Antonio to visit friends for a week. Then they will go to stay with their Ammamma and Tatayya for a few days so they can visit their cousins and celebrate some birthdays.

I just had a birthday 2 days ago and now officially know I am old because I couldn't even care less. Birthdays used to be exciting but now, eh, not so much. Older-definitely, wiser-debatable. Sometimes I think my kids are much smarter than me- and I'm a doctor!

Friday, March 25, 2005

I hear bunny hops....

Well Easter is in 2 days and I still have not bought the boys any baskets or anything. I was thinking maybe we would have an egg hunt with chocolate eggs around the house - the original idea of painting eggs seemed much too messy. Guess I will have to go to the store like all the other last minute parents and fight someone for the last chocolate bunny.

The boys moved up into new classrooms at school, much to their dismay. Naveen's crying at dropoff at become progressively shorter (whew!). Sunil, on the other hand, is feeling a little overwhelmed by his older and wiser new classmates. Lucky for him his beloved Big Bird is there to comfort him during the day when needed.

This has been a very busy month. We took another trip to NYC for a Vision Expo conference which was very productive. Met with lots of different vendors of different products for our potential new office.

I have also discovered the joys of surfing on eBay and even just watching other people bid and win stuff. I never seem to win because I am unwilling to pay anything close to retail. Oh well...

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Stomach viruses suck!

Well it was bound to happen - no sooner had Naveen gotten better than did Sunil come down with the stomach bug Monday night. The boys had fun at the pool with Ian Monday afternoon splashing around and were exhausted after they came home. Sunil was sitting on Ian's lap when he took the first bite of his supper and announced "My tummy hurts". We looked at him and carefully asked "are you sure?" since he never had a belly ache before we weren't sure he knew what one was. He nodded his head yes then proceeded to gag. Ian immediately picked him up and started running to the bathroom. They almost made it to the sink before Sunil vomited on the floor. He continued to vomit unexpectedly all night long which required several clothing and bedsheet changes.

Needless to say, I kept him home with me yesterday (during the snowstorm ) and he seemed fine other than the usual lethargy and needing lots of Mommy hugs. Then at 5 this morning he wakes up from my bed and wants water because he is really thirsty (it was warm in the room). After drinking 2 cups of water he falls asleep only to sit up real quick and vomit in the bed. Another set of PJs and bedsheets later he was fast asleep.

Ian decided to keep the boys home today. Both boys seem to be back to normal (keep my fingers crossed). Only one more week before we leave for NYC!

Monday, February 28, 2005

Stay home day

Poor Naveen - Not doing so good yesterday. Was having a hard time keeping anything in his little tummy. He must have had some kind of pediatric intestinal bug because he was vomiting and having diarrhea all day. Needless to say Ian kept him home from school and Sunil decided that if Naveen didn't need to go to school then neither did he. Sunil was being an awesome big brother to his sick little brother this weekend.
They are getting along much better these days now that Naveen is getting older.

Our furnace is on the fritz again, the repair people are coming today to clean and fix it. Hopefully that will solve the problem of it shutting off whenever it feels like it- like it did last weekend when we went to Fton. We came home to a house that had no heat for 2 days! The thermostat literally read 32F (0C). Luckily our basement has electric heat on timers that stay on all weekend so they prevented our pipes from freezing. Otherwise we would have had a big mess on our hands.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Soggy Foot

Boys oh boys, there is never any lack of excitement in our house! This morning while I was washing dishes and Ian was almost out the door, the boys were standing around in the mudroom delaying (as usual) getting bundled up for school.

Our house is always humming with the voices of little people so when things suddenly got quite there was cause for concern. It usually means the boys are up to something...and this time was no different.

Soo... Ian turns around and says " Mama, you might want to wear a different pair of boots to work this morning" Why you ask? Well it seems Sunil decided that filling my boot with water from a water bottle was just a great way to start his mom's day. What did I do you ask?

The humorous part of me was desperately trying to stifle a laugh, but the parental part of me wanted to nip this in the bud/butt. Lucky for me I had another pair of winter boots so when I asked him what he did that for he replied that he had too much water in his bottle and had to get rid of some. Ever heard of a sink, kiddo?

Hee Hee

OK, now I'm just acting goofy and excited that I actually managed to do something computer related without crashing our whole system (I am doing all this at work-a great place to try things that might crash your home computer)


Just created our own blog. Yippee ! Now I will actually have to do something with my newfound computer knowledge. Horrors ! Anyone who wants to read the fun-filled adventures of our 2 children under age 3 can do so anytime (provided I actually update the postings -ha ha) Will do my best though.

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